Card Sets

Desinged and Illustrated in house and printed in the UK on fsc certified card and finished with a water vased varnish. Each pack contains 36 cards and comes in a fully printed box.

The fact cards contain 35 animal cards and one key card. Each animal card has my illustration on one side with the animals common name and then on the other side their scientiic name, some key info and three fun facts. With the background colour of the card showing something else about the animal. for instance where in the world they live. 

The flash cards introduce kids to the alphabet and numbers 1 to 9 with the help of some amazing aniamls or dinosaurs. Great for making learning letters and numbers fun and engaging. 

The card games are designed to be a fun way of learnign about animals. The pairs cards let you match adults and babies to see how different they look at different ages and the families game lets you find all the families with each card telling you info and fun fact abou that animal.

Amazing Animals Fact Cards

Set One

Amazing Animals Fact Cards

Set Two

Amazing Sharks Fact Cards

Amazing Primates Fact Cards

Amazing Extinct Animals Fact Cards

Amazing Animals of the Deep Fact Cards

Amazing Whales and Dolphins Fact Cards

Amazing Animals of the British Isles Fact Cards

Alphabet of Amazing Animals Flash Cards

Alphabet of Amazing Dinosaurs Flash Cards

Amazing Animals Families Cards Game

Amazing Baby Animals Pairs Cards

Amazing Animals of the Arabian Peninsula Fact Cards

Amazing Animals Inside Out Matching Pairs

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